G&S Acoustics - aCapella Polyester (PET) Acoustical Product Data Sheets

Polyester Ceiling Panels

aCapella Verse-Image (AVIB)Printed suspended individual ceiling baffles

aCapella Verse-Bar (AVBB)Suspended extra strong baffles

aCapella Chorus (ACB)Suspended group of ceiling baffles

aCapella Chorus-Image (ACIB)Printed suspended group of ceiling baffles

Polyester Wall Panels

aCapella Scores (AS)Full wall applications, shapes clusters or individual shapes

aCapella TempoFins (TF)Perpendicular wall mounted fins

aCapella TempoFins-Image (TFI)Printed perpendicular wall fins

aCapella Scores-Flute (ASF)V-groove design on face of wall panels

aCapella Scores-FluteLayers (ASFL)V-groove design on face of wall panels