Project Showcase


Fairview Heights, IL – Rec Center Project

There is nothing like a brand new recreation center to showcase the beauty and importance of G&S Acoustical Panels. From the climbing gym, childcare area, track and pool, colorful acoustic panels adorn the walls. The main lobby of the rec center features blue G&S SoundWave Clouds hanging from the ceiling. G&S Resolute panels can be found lining the walls of the suspended track. The fitness center has G&S Baffles hanging from above, and the gym has a vast amount of G&S banners in the ceiling to tackle the sound issues in this room.

baffles, acoustics, gym

Pierce Terrace Elementary Columbia, SC – Elementary School Project

This newly-constructed state-of-the-art facility was built on the grounds of Fort Jackson. No school is complete without acoustical products which artfully enhance the design of this school. These products can be found in the green wall panels creating a dragon effect on the gym walls along with the green baffles in ceiling. The hallways have green and red ceiling baffles along with blue and grey acoustical wall panels. The classroom featured has green and gold acoustical wall panels around the room in an attractive design.