Project Showcase - Middle School Project

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Fountain Middle School Colorado Springs, CO – Middle School Project

This school was constructed in stages to replace the existing school with a brand new facility. The photos featured just represent a few of the rooms that G&S Acoustic products are in at the new school. G&S products can be found on the walls and ceilings from the numerous gyms, cafeterias, common rooms, corridors, music, vocal rooms and more. See the photos below for details on some of these G&S products.

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Acoustical Wall Panels & Clouds

The cafeteria and commons area at Fountain Middle School features large Serenade Clouds hanging from the ceilings. These Serenade Clouds are painted Pinta panels with Benjamin Moore Nova Scotia Blue. The walls around the room have G&S acoustical wall panels in a pattern using Guilford Anchorage fabric colors Slate, Pumpkin, Poppy and Quarry Blue.

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Wall and Ceiling Diffusers

All the music and vocal rooms at Fountain Middle School have G&S Diffusers to reflect the sound evenly through out the rooms. The wall diffusers used are barrel shaped and the ceilings have pyramidal diffusers.The wall diffusers are wrapped in Gilford 2100 Opal fabric.

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Acoustical Wall Panels

Fountain Middle School had several gyms at the school with G&S Acousti-Tack panels installed on the walls. The fabric used was Guilford 2100 in the colors Opal, Red and Cobalt.

From specialized sound absorption to sound diffusion, G&S Acoustics offers a wide range of acoustical  products. At G&S Acoustics, you pick the finish and we make the product to absorb or diffuse sound.

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