Product Showcase - Rec Center Project


Fairview Heights, IL – Rec Center Project

There is nothing like a brand new recreation center to showcase the beauty and importance of G&S Acoustical Panels. From the climbing gym, childcare area, track and pool, colorful acoustic panels adorn the walls. The main lobby of the rec center features blue G&S SoundWave Clouds hanging from the ceiling. G&S Resolute panels can be found lining the walls of the suspended track. The fitness center has G&S Baffles hanging from above, and the gym has a vast amount of G&S banners in the ceiling to tackle the sound issues in this room.

gym, rec center

Baffles & Acoustical Panels

The fitness center is a very large two-story room with two walls of glass. As shown, there are G&S banners hanging from the ceiling along with G&S Acoustical Panels on the wall.


SoundWave Clouds

G&S SoundWave Clouds adorn the ceiling of the lobby at the rec center. They are functional but an eye catcher, too!



G&S Banners fill the ceiling of the gym. The gym has glass windows on the upper two walls and an exercise track wrapping around it.

gym, rec center

Resolute Panels

G&S Resolute Panels were used along three walls of the second floor track. These sound-absorbing wall panels are one of our most durable products.


Acoustical Wall Panels

G&S Acoustical Wall Panels can be found on the walls of the childcare area at the rec center. This small area will be a little quieter now.

From specialized sound absorption to sound diffusion, G&S Acoustics offers a wide range of acoustical wall panels. At G&S Acoustics, you pick the finish and we make the product to absorb or diffuse sound.

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