Product Showcase - Williamsville Sherman High School

Williamsville Sherman High School – Williamsville, Illinois

This high school addition has a lot of design and character. The state-of-the-art theater, choir and band rooms offer colorful yet very sound absorbing acoustical panels. The commons and multipurpose room feature our recycled aCapella polyester panels and add to the design of the rooms.

Custom Cut Acousti-Panel Wall Panels

These 1″ AP panels offer great sound absorption. The fabric used is Guilford Anchorage in the color Lemon. The custom cut designed panels surround the theater for a dramatic effect.

Custom Cut Acousti-Tack Wall Panels

These 2.125″ ATF panels offer excellent sound absorption and durability in the band and choir rooms. The fabric used is Guilford 2100 Iris, Grey Mix, Amethyst, and White


QuadraticWave Diffusers

On the ceiling in both the band and choir rooms are numerous QWD diffusers which scatter sound in the mid and high frequencies.

Commons, multipurpose, acoustics

aCapella Verse

130 Verse baffles in the color Stone cover the ceiling of the large commons room. These baffles provide sound absorption as well as an interesting look.

aCapella Verse & Scores

A closeup of the ceiling baffles also shows the different lighting which can be used to turn this commons room into an event room. On the upper wall in the color Sunflower are aCapella Scores wall panels.

aCapella Scores Wall Panels

The triangle cut aCapella panel in the color Stone appears in the corners around the multipurpose room as an accent.

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