Products - Walls - Custom Shaped/Mosaic/3-D

Other panels are available in custom shapes - contact G&S for a complete list.

aCapella Scores (AS)
1/2″ colorful polyester wall panels

Custom Shapes
Available in various wall products

GeoDesign (GD) and GeoDesign Ridge (GDR)
Flat or three-dimensional (3-D) acoustical shapes

Melody mScores (MS)
1″ and 2″ polyester wall panels

aCapella Scores-Gami (ASG) & Scores-GamiLayers (ASGL)
1/2″ machine-cut patterned polyester wall panels

aCapella TempoFins (TF)
1/2″ perpendicular polyester wall fins

Mosaic Panels (MP)
Custom cut straight or curved lines into acoustical panels