Product Showcase - GeoDesign & GeoDesign Ridge


GeoDesign & GeoDesign Ridge

GeoDesign (GD) and GeoDesign Ridge (GDR) panels are sound absorbing panels cut to any one of our standard or custom shapes. GeoDesign are flat 1” inch thick acoustical panels. GeoDesign Ridge panels are three-dimensional (3-D) acoustical panels that are cut to geometric shapes.

From specialized sound absorption to sound diffusion, G&S Acoustics offers a wide range of acoustical wall panels. At G&S Acoustics, you pick the finish and we make the product to absorb or diffuse sound.

GeoDesign Panels

GeoDesign Panels can be installed contiguously on a wall. GeoDesign panels will create a geometric pattern across a wall with style and depth.

The GD-Trap shape shown above pieces together to create a mosaic pattern across this 3 story wall. Be creative with GeoDesign!