Products - Walls - Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels

Acousti-Impact (AIP)
Impact resilient, smooth surface

Acousti-Panel (AP)
Our most popular wall panel

Acousti-Tack (ATF)
Sound-absorbing panels and tackboards

Acousti-Tack (ATM)
Excellent tackboard and an effective sound-absorbing panel

Balance Panel (BP)
Low frequency sound absorbing wall panels

Classic (C)
Inexpensive, classic white and black textured finish

Classic Plus (CP)
Durable core with white textured finish

GeoDesign (GD) and GeoDesign Ridge (GDR)
Flat or 3-D acoustical panels

Low Frequency Absorber (LFA-V2)
Excellent low-frequency sound-absorbing panels

Melody Scores-Rap (MSR)
Polyester fabric wall panels

Mosaic Panels (MP)
Custom cut straight or curved lines into acoustical panels

Random Absorption Diffusion (RAD)
Fabric panels that both absorb and diffuse sound

Resolute (R)
High-impact, fabric-covered panel

Sound Absorption Equalizer (SAE)
Evenly absorb sound across all frequencies

Tackable Wall Panels (TW)
Inexpensive, durable tackboards