Ceilings - Direct Application

Acousti-Image for Ceilings (AIC)
Sound absorption with custom printed fabric

Acousti-Panels for Ceilings (APC)
Durability, high-sound absorption

Acousti-Tack for Ceilings (ATFC)
Extra durability, high-sound absorption

Classic Panels for Ceilings (CC)
Inexpensive, classic white and black textured finish

Classic Plus Panels for Ceilings (CPC)
Durable core, inexpensive, classic white textured finish

Custom Shaped Ceiling Panels
Available in various ceiling products

Pinta Panels for Ceilings (PPC)
Painted, a good choice for acoustically treating ceilings

Polyester Ceiling Panels
High quality, recycled polyester panels

Silent Night (SN) Panels for Ceilings
Sound absorbing, all black panels

Silent Night Lite (SNL) Panels for Ceilings
Sound absorbing lightweight, all black panels