Products - Ceilings

aCapella Verse (AVB)
Suspended individual ceiling baffles

aCapella Verse-Image (AVIB)
Printed suspended individual ceiling baffles

aCapella Verse-Bar (AVBB)
Suspended extra strong baffles

aCapella Chorus (ACB)
Suspended group of ceiling baffles

aCapella Floats (AFC)
Suspended custom shaped clouds

aCapella Floats-Image (AFCI)
Printed suspended custom shaped clouds

aCapella PartiTions (APD)
Suspended room dividers

aCapella Chorus-Image (ACIB)
Printed suspended group of ceiling baffles

aCapella Structures (ASC)
Suspended hanging cloud grids

aCapella aTiles
Flat sound-absorbing ceiling tiles

aCapella aTiles-Image
Printed sound-absorbing ceiling tiles